E-commerce businesses today are looking to business models to bring them a lot of profit. Typically, the B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customers)  are the two models that e-commerce businesses pay the most attention to. However, for business to run smoothly and consistently, managers need to build an efficient and scalable sales process. And there is an eCommerce platform that can support this work, which is NetSuite eCommerce. In this article, we would like to introduce this platform and why B2B and B2C businesses enjoy it.

What is NetSuite eCommerce?

NetSuite eCommerce is an eCommerce solution that helps B2B and B2C sellers deliver an engaging and relevant online experience. With this solution, businesses can increase traffic to their online store. These B2B and B2C businesses, using NetSuite’s solution, will help convert shoppers into customers and increase online revenue with a feature-rich, device-optimized cloud eCommerce platform portable, easy to manage, and advanced.

NetSuite eCommerce can also merge eCommerce with other business tools. This provides a single view of customers, orders, inventory, and other critical data, and enables real-time visibility across the enterprise while supporting a relevant personal and omnichannel experience.

NetSuite eCommerce benefits

B2B and B2C businesses enjoy NetSuite eCommerce. After all, it is responsive to any device because its designs are even optimized for mobile devices. This allows your users to create content once and automatically adjust the size and capacity of the site’s screen for different devices.

Besides, NetSuite eCommerce also helps eCommerce businesses easily manage their websites. With this eCommerce solution, drag-and-drop website management tools are easily used, allowing businesses to launch new promotions, create landing pages or publish new content easily and fast.

In particular, a great benefit that NetSuite brings to businesses is that it helps reduce total costs, especially the cost of ownership. It’s a unified platform, so it helps decrease your overall technology investment and service costs compared to point-to-point solutions that are bundled together. Moreover, this solution also provides optimal business agility because it works in the cloud. This helps ensure the flexibility and adaptability you need to keep pace with your business, reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and remove the complexity of managing hardware and software.

Why do B2B and B2C businesses enjoy Netsuite eCommerce?

NetSuite eCommerce is enjoyed by B2B and B2C businesses because it is, first and foremost, a complete commerce solution on a single platform. This makes it easy for eCommerce businesses to multi-task and easily manage on a single platform. With this NetSuite solution, businesses will have the features such as e-commerce, POS (point of sale), inventory and order management, marketing, customer service, and unified finance. Additionally, as it is a single platform, businesses can easily gain real-time visibility by consolidating fragmented data sources into a single repository designed to provide timely, informed business decisions.

Especially for new eCommerce businesses, this platform is also extremely suitable because of its easy deployment, easy updates, and scalability. Businesses can launch an e-commerce website in as little as 30 days with new features and automatic updates that ensure your website is always using the latest commerce technology.


The NetSuite eCommerce platform has brought many benefits to e-commerce businesses and that’s why they enjoy the platform. If you are looking for a quick connection to the platform, contact us.