Consumers are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season to receive the deals and giveaways that come with them when they shop. Especially, in the current commercial era, consumers tend to consume more on festive occasions such as Black Friday. Therefore, it is important for businesses to understand and capture the holiday shopping habits of consumers so that they can provide them with the most enjoyable shopping experiences to leverage their sales.

Overview of holiday shopping habits

In the era of commerce, especially e-commerce, which is extremely developed and brings many benefits, consumers’ shopping habits are changing. Consumers increasingly tend to make more impulsive purchases during major festivals. They will buy more thanks to the advertising or promotional programs offered by the business.

Besides, with the development of social media platforms, advertising programs are launched earlier and perhaps because of that, consumers often tend to shop for holidays early. Moreover, stores will welcome more customers and businesses will have to prepare tools to support the omnichannel business during festive shopping, especially Black Friday.

Understand holiday shopping habits to leverage your sales – The best strategies

Offer early promotional programs

Buying goods in advance for the festival has become increasingly popular in recent years. Therefore, businesses should offer promotions early. They can leverage their social platforms or their website to announce the promotions they will have during the upcoming festival to entice customers to prepare for holiday shopping in their stores.

Embrace mobile-first optimization

Consumers today often shop on their phones because they are quick and convenient. Therefore, businesses need to ensure an easy mobile shopping experience for customers by optimizing their websites and developing mobile-first ads for their holiday campaigns. In addition, businesses need to focus on the mobile checkout process to reduce cart abandonment and retain more customers.

Take a holistic approach across all channels

During festivals, consumers tend to shop and discover new brands. They will notice early promotions and consider buying the products they are interested in. Therefore, this is an opportunity for brands to expand their sales channels to reach and attract more customers. It’s important that they offer holistic approaches across channels and sync those channels to create a seamless story for the brand.

Be flexible with marketing strategies

With customer trends and behaviors changing rapidly, it is important for businesses to keep an eye on customer behaviors to ensure a clear understanding of upcoming needs. Therefore, businesses need to be flexible in creating and promoting marketing programs to get the best results from the campaign market during the holiday season.

Using flexible marketing strategies, businesses and brands can respond to the ever-changing needs and preferences of their customers while accelerating their growth, adjusting to changes and online shopping trends during the holiday, thereby increasing the holiday shopping of consumers.

Use the right marketing programs to retain existing customers and win new customers

Using the right marketing programs is important for each customer. For new customers, marketing programs about promotions and products are essential to attract and keep them. However, for regular customers, loyalty marketing programs are more necessary for them to keep a relationship with your brand and retain customers for a long time. This coming Black Friday is a favorable time for businesses to implement and apply special campaigns for each customer.


Holiday shopping brings many benefits not only to consumers but also to commercial retailers. By understanding their psychology, your store will gain significant profits. If you are looking for a tool to support your business processes this Black Friday, contact us.