You must make sure you’re receiving the greatest product for your needs because CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a crucial investment. It’s crucial to understand the method we used to compare these software behemoths in order to assist you in achieving that.

In addition to offering solutions for business finance, human resources, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), between NetSuite vs Salesforce, NetSuite is a well-known brand outside of the CRM industry. Given such, it wouldn’t be possible or accurate to make a general comparison between it and Salesforce. This article will evaluate the top features offered by NetSuite CRM and Salesforce (with a focus on Sales Cloud) in order to conduct a fair comparative comparison.

The cloud-based NetSuite CRM solution, which is owned by software behemoth Oracle, assures a constant flow of information and provides a complete perspective of clients in real time. Its functions include sales forecasting, marketing automation, automation of the sales force, quotations, and order management.

According to our research, what differentiates it from other market competitors is its user-friendly layout, accessibility with CRM functions on mobile, smooth e-commerce interfaces, and precise forecasting capabilities. However, several shortcomings users point out include the lack of native chat functionality and native connectors with Facebook, Twitter, G Suite, Office 365, and other services.

In order to provide sales and customer relationship skills, Salesforce was first developed in 1999. Its primary product, Sales Cloud, delivers users useful insights through forecasting and promises to increase productivity for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) enterprises. Sales cooperation, lead management, email integration, and contact management are some of its key features.

Netsuite’s Best Products

Email Marketing

You can manage your email marketing campaigns with the help of a number of capabilities offered by Netsuite. Profit from the ability to customize, automate, and examine your email activities.


The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system from Netsuite has some useful tools for customer service management. These consist of the customer portal, case management, and time tracking.

Accounting Software

In comparison to NetSuite vs Salesforce, both the partner accounting program and own accounting software are available. Fixed asset management, synchronized billing, and real-time data reports are a few noteworthy system features.


One of the various ERP solutions offered by Netsuite is supply chain management (SCM). Planning, execution (for example, the production of purchase orders), and collaboration are some of the elements included in the ERP’s SCM bundle.

Salesforce’s Best Products

Marketing Cloud 

When talking about NetSuite vs Salesforce, you can learn that Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud provides a variety of marketing automation tools, email marketing capabilities, the ability to include data from digital advertising campaigns, studio tools, and more.

Sales Cloud

In order to help your sales professionals close more transactions, the Sales Cloud provides some of the best sales tools available. Einstein AI is a cool component of the Sales Cloud. This enables Salesforce users to rate leads more efficiently using AI (artificial intelligence) to increase the likelihood of making a sale later on. Additionally accessible are lead and opportunity management, sales cooperation, sales forecasting, and contact management.


Team members and employees from other departments can more easily communicate with one another thanks to this Salesforce integration. Create collaborative documents, presentations with slides, spreadsheets that can be evaluated in real-time, and live apps for enhanced functionality.

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