Stock management is an important process that helps businesses control all products in the warehouse. This management brings many benefits and minimizes risks for companies in the process of doing a multi-channel business. In this article, we would like to show you how to better control BigCommerce stock for business users.

Why is controlling your BigCommerce stock important?

These days, consumers are moving towards convenient purchasing methods to be able to make purchases anywhere, anytime, so brands are expected to implement omnichannel selling. This results in additional inventory that must be maintained to ensure a sufficient stock to serve customers from multiple channels. This leads to the need for BigCommerce stock management.

BigCommerce stock first and foremost helps to improve the accuracy of a business’s inventory. From there, it helps to make data-driven decisions. When businesses do not manage their warehouses well, they are more likely to experience overstocking and out-of-stock. This increasingly grows around every consumer holiday shopping, marketing campaign, and product launch. Businesses will have easier access to more data, reports, and insights on how products are moving, how often, and how speedy. From there, the organizations can also learn about consumer behavior to help make the most reasonable selling decisions. The goal of controlling stock is not only to log accurate product quantities but also to gain actionable insights from all reports and use that information to achieve business goals. Controlling BigCommerce stock will also help companies improve productivity by reducing wasted staff time. BigCommerce manages inventory automation so businesses can be much more productive.

How to better control your BigCommerce stock?

To better control it, business users need to thoroughly address obstacles. The first is the issue of overstock and understock. If there is too much inventory, firms are limiting the amount of money they have to spend on marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Each additional stock item also increases the risk of the product never being sold. To avoid this, many brands try to minimize orders and keep inventory to a minimum. This approach to inventory management increases the risk of running out of stock and can affect the value and reputation of the business. In addition, stores also need to deal with wrong inventory levels. Incorrect inventory comes from many places including human error in cycle counting, manual inventory management and tracking, canceled orders not replenished appropriately, or multiple reasons. This may result in the customer’s order not being accepted.

Therefore, businesses need to solve those problems starting from setting up the BigCommerce stock control. Users can automatically track and update product levels as the purchase progresses.

To exercise better control over BigCommerce stock, businesses can do so through the Multi Source Inventory by ConnectPOS. The solution will ensure that inventory levels are always correct with real-time data. This should help the omnichannel business to be seamless and have good results.


Better management of BigCommerce stock will help your omnichannel business be guaranteed to maintain stability and high revenue. If you are looking for a solution for your warehouse, feel free to contact us.