The consumer is the main driver of change because of the more seamless, customized experiences brought about by the digital era, which has fundamentally changed how the bank offers its services.

Bank operations using omnichannel digital banking solutions enable digital consumer interactions and let banks provide a wide range of digital financial products. Banks may accelerate and guarantee the shift from a physical and mortar to a multichannel, digital bank with the help of a digital banking platform. Choosing the best digital banking platform today is a crucial step in ensuring that banks can compete in the digital era.


BackBase is the world’s leading interactive technology platform and is a trusted partner of more than 120 major global financial institutions, such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank. BackBase gradually implements the omni channel digital banking solutions process to optimize operational capabilities and bring useful values, specifically:

  • Cost-efficient: Many banks today are still using the flawed source system that existed a long time ago.  In addition, using the Backbase platform, banks can easily integrate data content through the digital layer for easy business purposes.
  • Ready to go: Unique utility tools and optimized solutions make it easier for retail and commercial banks to act quickly. Up to 60% time to market by taking full advantage of Backbase’s innovative methods
  • Growth (Growth): Backbase allows banks to take control of their digital banking strategy, enabling the creation, management, and optimization of customer experiences from first step to the service end.

The best option for your bank online business will be SmartOSC Fintech, which has in-depth experience in every area of digital transformation and best-in-class solutions including  BackBase, eKYC, CDP, Credit Scoring, etc. The bank’s digital conversion line. Significant supporters of SmartOSC Fintech include VPBank, PayPal, Viettel, SCG, and others who have put their confidence in the company and succeeded.


Banks should be able to react quickly to the constantly shifting demands of your customers if you use a best-in-class omnichannel digital banking solutions. It can swiftly roll out digital financial goods, services, and variants for specific consumer groups.

Additionally, it needs to make it simple to develop increasingly sophisticated digital banking products, like mobile wallets, end-to-end self-service digital channels, and others.


Today’s customers want smooth financial digital journeys across channels. Providing continuous customer service is important, regardless of how the encounter began.

Following the maxim “create once, distribute anywhere,” an omni channel digital banking solutions enables the centralized orchestration of consumer interactions across several touchpoints. It serves as the focal point from which and to which customer data flows, giving a complete picture of the client.

Your digital banking platform should thus also support omni-channel customer experience as a major enabler.


The use of microservice architecture in the field of digital banking is advantageous since it gives a bank’s journey toward digital transformation more flexibility.

Regardless of the scope and complexity of the project, omnichannel digital banking solutions with a microservices architecture will enable continuous delivery of software applications.


A fundamental benefit of omnichannel digital banking solutions is its comprehensive integration framework, which enables process, channel, and system interfaces, unified client data, central monitoring, business continuity, reusability of IT assets, and more.

Your company may be connected from beginning to end with the aid of an integration framework, which can boost productivity and allow you to concentrate on what matters most—growth.


The best omnichannel digital banking solutions for your company will depend on a number of variables, such as your bank’s digital strategy, technical readiness, and budget, as well as vendor requirements, such as the vendor’s global and local experience, the proposed implementation time, and the vendor’s product strategy and roadmap. If you want more information, please get in touch with us.