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Grit Global is a group of individuals who believe in the value of technology to transform companies and passionately aim to create solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. GritGlobal is the Preferred Partner of BigCommerce, providing automation and optimization platforms to help BigCommerce merchants achieve targets with optimal efficiency.
The products include Atom8 -The Commerce Automation Platform to help streamline & convert manual tasks to automated workflows, intelligently executed when needed; and BackOrder – BigCommerce #1 BackOrder solution that allows customers to shop even when you are out of stock

How We Did It?

Creation of a tailored dashboard offering an easy, instant Logs overview through the use of AWS CloudTrail, Amazon S3, VPC Flow Logs, AWS Cloudwatch and XRay. The Infrastructure-as-code paradigm introduction enabled efficient and accurate control. Compliance rules and remediations are defined leveraging on AWS Config in order to automate and centralize the governance of all the accounts in the Organization.

Well-defined, automated developing workflows thanks to the use of services like AWS Cloudformation, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Secret Manager, and Amazon S3.

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