BigCommerce templates offer merchants a ton of customization options, but the initial theme you choose will directly affect many aspects of your design. You’ll be able to create your ideal design as quickly and effectively as possible by choosing a theme that is in line with the objectives you have for your online business.

What to look for in a BigCommerce theme


In 2021, around three-quarters of all eCommerce revenues are anticipated to come from mobile orders. Your BigCommerce theme needs to function equally well on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.


In order to give a more tailored client experience and make your theme reflect your brand’s style, you must do so. It will be challenging to modify themes with an overly rigid style to meet the specific requirements of your website.

The perfect home page provides lots of room for a compelling hero image and makes it simple for visitors to explore your website and find the things they’re looking for.


You should be able to get some basic support from your theme supplier to deal with any technical problems. While BigCommerce templates create and support a small number of themes, the majority come from outside vendors.


A premium theme might be worthwhile if it offers a distinctive style or potent features that will significantly improve your site, even though there are some free themes available.

The best BigCommerce template


Vault is a free theme with sophisticated shop design features, including the ability to easily add picture and text banners to your site without modifying any code. Huge menus may be easily accommodated by this theme, which is also adaptable enough to manage both small and large catalogs while maintaining a clean, contemporary look. This no-cost theme is available in three different looks: cool, vibrant, and natural.


Scales have a unique design that can help you keep up with your expanding business. It exhibits the ideal harmony between website functionality designed to convert and design functionality created to engage. The greatest candidates for this premium theme are ambitious creators and custom brands. It is designed to work well on desktop, mobile, tablet, and Pixelpop devices. The four styles of scales are sleek, pop, modern, and minimal.


Your product photography is advanced by using lookbooks in BigCommerce templates. A dual-column product grid that highlights your in-depth product photos will engage your audience. The nested navigation and fixed header of this premium theme help customers navigate your store with ease. Lookbook, which comes in four different forms (regular, organic, dark, and colorful), is excellent for both fashion retailers and lifestyle firms.

Portobello Rise

The Portobello Rise template from BigCommerce is an ideal paid theme for shops with a limited selection of products; in fact, it was created specifically for shops with condensed catalogs! It’s a fun, original theme that values excellent product images. This design emits a whimsical vibe that is accentuated by its pastel backgrounds and tidy section boundaries.

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